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SQL for Data Analytics
Delivered by Educate 360/New Horizons, May 29-31, 2024

Course Materials

Note: The following items were update on May 30, 2024: 1. Supplemental Lab Files; 2. Module 6 Lab Instructions

Student Workstation set-up, Supplemental Lab Files, and Course Videos

The hands-on labs for this course can be completed on either a pre-configured, remote virtual machine or the student's local computer. 

Azure Subscription: An Azure subscription is required. Free trial subscriptions will be more than adequate. If a student cannot sign up for a trial subscription, the cost of a pay-as-you-go subscription will be under $10 for the entire course.

Workstation Setup:  Student workstation setup document.

Supplemental Lab Files: Download and unzip the Supplemental Lab Files to a suitable folder on either your local or remote workstation, such as c:\SQL_For_DA. The courseware assumes the files are located in the C:\SQL_For_DA folder, but they can be stored anywhere on the student workstation.

Course Videos:

Playlist of Topic Presentations

Playlist of Lab Walk-throughs. Lab walk-through videos are annotated with no audio.

Module 1: Introduction to TSQL for Data Analysis


Module 3: The JOIN Operators

Module 4: Aggregation and GROUP BY

Module 5: Subqueries, Derived Tables and Common Table Expressions

Module 6: Modularizing Data Retrieval Logic and Creating a Star Schema

Module 7: Querying an Azure Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL Pool

Module 8: Combining Data from Azure SQL Database and Azure Synapse Analytics in Power BI

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