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Microsoft’s analytics platform grows year after year in breadth, sophistication, and market penetration. Data analytics organizations and career-minded professionals need efficient and thorough transfer of the knowledge and skills necessary to master tools available on the platform such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Bricks, Python, SQL, and Power BI to perform analytical tasks ranging from data visualization to machine learning.


Cuban Sandwich Press creates and delivers efficient, thorough, and outstanding training in the subject area of data analytics, with a focus on the Microsoft family of analytic tools.

Cuban sandwiches

Dr. John M. Bunch has been a data analyst, information scientist, and database professional for three decades. He has delivered high-level corporate training in these subject areas to Fortune 100 companies, global non-profits, and the US military. He received a PhD from University of South Florida, where he studied cognitive and learning science. His primary area of expertise is the efficient delivery and transfer of complex technical knowledge.

A Cuban sandwich (Spanish: Sándwich cubano) is a variation of a ham and cheese sandwich that likely originated in cafes catering to Cuban workers in Tampa or Key West, two early Cuban immigrant communities in Florida centered on the cigar industry. Later on, Cuban exiles and expatriates brought it to Miami, where it is also very popular. The sandwich is made with ham, (mojo) roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and sometimes salami on Cuban bread. Salami is included in Tampa, where there is a large Italian population, but is not usually included in South Florida.

The Cuban sandwich is at the center of a long-running friendly rivalry between Miami and Tampa. As part of that rivalry, the "Historic Tampa Cuban Sandwich" was designated the "signature sandwich of the city of Tampa" by the Tampa City Council in 2012.

0 with photo of head trainer
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