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SQL for Data Analytics

SQL for Data Analytics

John M. Bunch, PhD

(This is an updated version of Microsoft/Skillpipe Course 55232 Writing SQL Queries for Business Intelligence)

This three-day, instructor-led course has two primary learning objectives:

1. Prepare data analytics professionals for further coursework in and exam preparation for Microsoft data analytics certifications, such as Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst and Azure Data Science Associate.


2. Introduce data analytics professionals to the TSQL language and Microsoft's data analytics tools. The course introduces TSQL as a data retrieval language, introducing basic relational database concepts and analytical data structures (for example, the Star Schema) along the way.                        

Introduction to Python

Introduction to Python for Microsoft Synapse Analytics

John M. Bunch, PhD

This three-day, instructor-led course introduces data analytics professionals to the Python language and its use in Microsoft Synapse Analytics. 

In addition to language syntax and structure, the course introduces the use of Scikit-Learn, PyTorch and Tensorflow to create machine learning solutions on Azure Machine Learning.  

Also, the course acts as a prerequisite for additional Microsoft courses such as DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure and DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure.

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